When Semicat, Inc. was formed, the management team developed clear mission and philosophy for the company to embrace and define work ethics. By dedicating Semicat to its fundamental competencies and emphasizing core commitment in Mission and Philosophy, management team has shaped the company to its current well respected status in the refurbishment industry. Semicat has built customer trust and loyalty by prioritizing its commitment to customer needs and requirements, empowering employees, and focusing on company strengths throughout the years.

Semicat’s mission is to become the leading supplier of pre-owned semiconductor equipment solution worldwide. This will be accomplished by providing an affordable, reliable, and guaranteed products and services.
Semicat as a company is based upon belief that customers want an affordable alternative solution for their fab requirements with expectations of achieving uncompromised performance, compared to new system.
Semicat is dedicated in becoming long term solution provider to the semiconductor equipment industry and the customers. Semicat wants to become trusted partner to our customers for entire life of the fab and the equipment. Semicat will strive to build trust by putting customer first and focusing on integrity in all our actions. Further, Semicat will work with customers to find solutions for mutual benefit with consideration of extending usefulness of equipment as long as possible. Re-configuration, new technological innovation, new application, and even re-purchase can be investigated and proposed if optimal solution cannot be found using standard practices.