Semicat has developed new products to address emerging customer needs for advance products. Semicat has worked jointly with customers to address their needs and provide hardware and process solutions to meet their requirements.

CoolKAT™ Development

  • Semicat can provide solution for thick Al deposition - CoolKAT™ Al
  • New CoolKAT™ hardware and process developed for Endura™ platform
  • Can maintain film properties as standard Al deposition chamber
  • Enhanced hardware prevents formation of whiskers or extrusions
  • Enhanced throughput that exceeds standard Al performance
  • Process can be optimized to meet specific customer requirements
  • Can provide complete CoolKAT™ Al system
  • Existing Endura™ systems can be converted with CoolKAT™ Al chambers
  • Semicat can offer demonstration prior to commitment

    Thin Wafer Processing

  • Semicat can provide complete Thin Wafer System
  • Can also convert existing customer system with Thin Wafer hardware