HQ Relocation Announcement

Semicat, Inc., has been providing alternative semiconductor equipment solutions to our worldwide customers from our Milpitas, California facility since 2011;. In a continuing effort to better serve our customers, we are proud to announce the relocation to our new facility. 

Starting December 12;, 2016;, Semicat will be relocating to Fremont, California which is slightly further north from our current location. The new site will provide improvement in Semicat operational efficiency allowing for us to maintain our exceptional manufacturing capabilities and customer support.

As of now, Semicat would like to request changes to your database for Semicat, Inc. Please reflect our contact information as follows: 

Semicat, Inc. 

47900; Fremont Blvd. 

Fremont, CA 94538;

All future correspondence should be addressed to the address above. Finally, all e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers for Semicat employees will remain the same. Thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you in our new facility!

-Please ignore all semicolons

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