We are now hiring! Import Coordinator

1. Responsibilities Include:
• Investigate business operations with respect to import and logistics through quantitative analysis; perform data extraction, aggregation, and root cause analysis using multiple data sources.
• Apply econometric and statistical techniques (including regression analysis, time series analysis, market response models, etc.) to examine and analyze relevant economic indicators including data on past sales, company financial statements, industry, regulatory, and economic information, and financial periodicals and newspapers to keep Semicat apprised of external factors that could impact business planning decisions.
• Conduct ongoing presentation of analysis results and findings to support business operations, performance, and improvement; identify economic patterns and trends affecting business performance and opportunities for cost reduction.
• Manage and coordinate internal supply/demand consensus model according to various classes and types of semiconductor parts 
• Construct cohesive and current economic picture of semiconductor parts refurbishment, manufacturing, and distribution industry and how it relates to and influences Semicat’s business.
• Includes other activities related to Import and Exporting of high-value, complex, Semiconductor equipment.
2. Minimum Requirements
Bachelor's Degree in Economics, Finance, Statistics, or related field.
3. Application
We accept your resume by email only : jin_kim@semicat.com
Jin Kim  2021-07-31 18:06:20