Semicat has developed in-house products to improve the productivity of daily operations at customer fabs.

Chamber E/F Universal Orienter Kit

  • Capable of orienting wafers of any size (4” ~ 12”)
  • Capable of orienting wafers of any type (SNNF, JMF, SMF, 2x flats, etc.)
  • Capable of orienting different substrate material (Si, Quartz, GaAs, Sapphire, etc.)
  • Marathon tests show orientation accuracy within ±1.0°
  • Orientation history storage possible – Data collection and analysis possible

    Chamber B Wafer Detect Kit

  • Designed to detect and prevent wafer breakages
  • Identify robot handoff or wafer alignment issues prior to transport into other chambers
  • Wafer misalignment in Ch. B results in system fault, preventing further wafer transport
  • Includes compatible lid assembly

    TFT / LCD Monitors

  • Traditional CRT monitors outdated and failing - Replacements not readily available
  • Semicat offers TFT / LCD monitors as replacements
  • Thru-the-Wall (TTW LCD) monitor for cleanroom / Portable LCD monitor for service side
  • Volume discount available for multiple orders

    RF Noise Reduction Kit

  • RF noise can be prevalent with systems requiring RF power (Etch, CVD, IMP, SIP)
  • RF "leakage" can cause numerous issues – Resulting in longer down time!
  • Semicat can provide retrofit kit to prevent RF noise issues
  • Simple implementation to existing chambers