About us

Refurbishment of PVD Endura/Centura Systems

Semicat, Inc. is the industry leader of refurbishment of PVD Endura/Centura systems. We adhere to strict testing and BKM requirements of the Endura 200mm & 300mm platforms. Semicat’s goals are to maintain the highest standards and provide our customers with tailored services for the requirements needed.

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Over 20 Years Experience

Founded in 2003 in the Silicon Valley by management and engineers that have over 20 years of experience on developing and troubleshooting PVD Endura/Centura platform.

Service Areas

Over 70 full time employees located at US (Texas), Korea, and Singapore.

Global Service Provider

Global service providers with 50+ clients located throughout Asia, North America, Europe.

Company Achievement

Over 150 Endura systems successfully refurbished with multiple repeat orders from worldwide customers

Core Technologies

Our expertise is in 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm platform and processes.

We provide complete refurbishment and enhancements for the Endura/Centura PVD systems.

We have the capability of refurbishing 7 Endura systems concurrently.

PVD (STD, SIP, IMP, EnCoRe) & MOCVD (TxZ) Chambers.

Semicat has multiple product patents that improve wafer processes (deposition, orient, and detection)

Experienced in multiple types of wafer materials, shapes, and sizes.