WaveKAT ™

Programmable ESC Power Supply

WaveKAT™ ESC Power Supply is a solution for wafer chucking & dechucking issues which cause costly downtime and mishandling/breakage of wafers. WaveKAT™ is a proven, technological upgrade for ESC applications with the capability of waveform customization & improved chucking/dechucking performance.

Programmable dechucking capability without altering process recipe

Wide temperature range capability (-40°C ~ 500°C)

Reduction in dechucking issues especially at temperatures below 200°C

Easy replacement for OEM ESC P/S setup

Minimal footprint on generator rack and can fit in 1U slot space between existing power supplies

Installed and qualified at multiple customer sites with various ESC types (e.g., MCA, MCA+, HT, SLT, SZ, etc.)


Programmable Power Supply

The electronic chuck profile can be uploaded to the power supply through a user-friendly software interface.


Field Proven

Installed over 30 customers and have been qualified to be comparable or superior to the OEM setup (>200 units)


Various Applications

Compared to existing product limited to 1.5kV, Semicat Semicat ESC Power Supply provides wide range of application up to 3kV.


Easy Installation

It can fit in 1U height slot spaces between existing power supplies and generators. Less than 5 hours required for Installation and Test.

ESC Power Supply
Waveform Editor
Standard Installation on the generator rack