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RF Noise Reduction Kit

The RF Noise Reduction Kit is solution for containing RF noise to prevent potential issues on the entire system caused by stray RF .

RF Noise Reduction Kit is proven to reduce/shield RF noise

RF noise is difficult to diagnose and troubleshoot and can emit from chambers, systems, and RF components

RF noise can have adverse effects on an Endura® system by distorting signals, functionality, and performance

RF Noise Reduction Kit is easy to install and can be retrofitted to existing IMP or SIP chambers

Source Magnetron Motor Kit

Semicat’s Source Magnetron Motor Kit is solution for prevalent issues of obsolete components and key to running an efficient fab.
Semicat’s Source Magnetron Motor Kit is RF shielded, has a higher torque and RPM range, and can replace OEM assemblies that have larger footprints.
Original Magnetron MotorSemicat Magnetron Motor
Low TorqueHigh Torque
(1000 N-lb’s)
Array of Gearboxes for Different MagnetsWider RPM Range with Single Gearbox
No EM/RF ShieldingBetter EM/RF Shielding
Large Footprint with DriverSmaller Footprint

Chamber A/B Wafer Detect Kit

Wafer Detect Kit is a proven solution to reduce and eliminate costly wafer misalignments and breakages which can result in contaminated lots and system downtime.

Wafers can be misaligned or broken due to robot issues or process chamber “sticking” or “sliding”

Early detection of wafer misalignment is crucial for diagnosing robot issues

Easy to install and compatible with 4”, 6”, 8” wafers

Wafer Detect Kit will stop wafer processing if it detects a wafer that is misaligned

Detection capability for Ch. A or Ch. B position depending on customer production demands

Wafer Detect Kit has been qualified and is currently operating at customer sites globally (up to 200 kits)

Wafer Detect Kit

Wafer Detect Kit is easy to install, reliable, and adjustable for various wafer shapes and sizes to reduce wafer misalignments and handling issues.

Prevent Possible Wafer Breakage

Detect wafer misalignment in Chamber A/B. Al “Sticking” can cause greater chance for wafer misalignment and subsequent wafer breakage.


Field Proven

Installed over 200 customers and has been proven to reducing wafer breakages


Greater Accuracy with 3 Sensors

Three detection sensors emit a beam onto 3 positions on the outside pedestal, forming a triangular beam area immediately on the wafer.


Adjustable Sensitivity

Fine adjustment to sensors can me made depending on wafer type, reflectivity, and wafer shapes