Foundry Service

Foundry Service

Semicat provides foundry service for single and multiple layer deposition to help with customer’s capacity constraints. Our dedicated tool can be configured to the customer’s demand to meet their desired needs. The entire tool or single chambers can be reserved upon request. Semicat can offer flexible scheduling for the tool and there is no minimum lot requirement.

 Wafer Size

Size : 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm

Shape: Notch, Flat, Double Flat, Rectangular, Thin Wfr

Material: Si, GaAs, Glass, Sapphire, Sic

 Process Films

Metal (AI, TI, TIN, NIV, Ag, Cr, Ni, Cu, etc.)
Oxides/Nitrides (Al2O3, AIN, SiO2, SiN, TiOx)
Novel Films (TiW, TIWN, W, WN, Nb, Ge, Si, SiCr, ITO)


Standard PVD // IMP // SIP // SIP EnCoRe
STD DC // DC Pulse // RF
Clamped // B101 // ESC