Refurbished Endura®

PVD 200mm, 300mm ENDURA® & CENTURA®

Semicat, Inc. specializes in the refurbishment or remanufacturing of pre-owned Endura® systems. Semicat is one of the largest, comprehensive Endura® solutions provider.
By providing a “turn-key” solution, Semicat’s goal is to provide comprehensive, risk-free refurbished products to meet the specific requirements of customers. Full chamber and system refurbishment available for various wafer sizes (100mm ~ 300mm) and various wafer types. All applications from Silicide, Barrier, Al, Cu, and customer specific applications & technologies can be provided by Semicat.

Given customer specific requirements

Semicat can provide a “turn-key” solution, starting from a pre-audit of the existing customer systems, source tool acquisition, complete disassembly, reconfiguration, and refurbishment.

During the system refurbishment process

It is standard procedure to perform a thorough final test, and to provide final test data documentation. In addition, Semicat encourages customer source inspection at our factory in USA and Korea prior to shipment.

Semicat will provide system startup services

Including facilities, hardware, and process qualification. Semicat can provide warranty services from 3 months to 1 year.

Chamber and System Refurbishment

Core competency of Semicat

Complete refurbishment with full integration test of all components

Installation & Startup services provided

Startup performance commitment up to BKM process qualification (Tier I & II)

Parts and labor warranty available to meet customer requirements

Non-System Order (NSO)

Availability of comprehensive NSO products from Semicat

Labor (PM, troubleshooting, relocation), Parts (spare parts & consumable kits), Conversions (chamber or complete system), and Continuous Improvement Products (CIP) customized by Semicat

NSO products tested to full functionality

Parts and labor warranty available to meet customer requirements