LCD Portable & TTW Monitors

ViewKAT™ is an LCD replacement solution for CRT monitors for both Thru-the-Wall (TTW) and portable applications which are fully compatible with existing systems. ViewKAT™ TTW and Portable LCD monitors are a updated alternatives to outdated CRT technology and can be installed quickly without any software or hardware modifications.

Constructed of high-grade materials, Semicat’s TTW and portable monitors are fab tested and easy to install

LCD Monitors are fully compatible with existing systems (including Endura® and Centura®)

Ability to fine tune and calibrate the touch pen operation

RF-shielded video cable (up to 75 ft) option to reduce noise and interference to ensure precise functionality

ViewKAT™ monitors have been qualified and are currently operating at customer sites globally (over 300 units)

Convenient for sub-fab use and maintenance activities