Thick Aluminum Process Chamber

CoolKAT™ is a thick aluminum process chamber on the Endura® platform for purposes of high Al deposition rate with the prevention of detrimental film defects.
– CoolKAT™ is capable of thick Al deposition: > 3μm
– Cost-effective solution compared to OEM
– Higher Al deposition rate: > 1.5 μm/min (BKM: > 1.0 μm)
– No detrimental film defects throughout target life (whiskers or extrusions)
– Comparable film properties as Standard Al process (e.g., Rs, Rs Unif, Stress, Reflectance, etc.)
– Semicat can provide a full retrofit chamber kit and can be utilized on an existing Endura® platform.

Semicat offers a CoolKAT™

Semicat offers a CoolKAT™ demonstration prior to commitment which involves COO analysis on various film stacks and configurations to meet customer specifications.

Grain Size vs. Target Life

Deposition Rate (BOL)um/min> 1.5> 1.0
Film Uniformity (Rs)%< 3%< 3%
Resistivityuohm-cm2.7 ~ 3.22.7 ~ 3.2
StressMPa< 300, Tensile< 300, Tensile
Reflectance%> 180%> 180%
DefectsNo hillock, No extrusionNo hillock, No extrusion
Process kit life time (ESC)KWhUp to 450Up to 450

Newly developed hardware and cooling mechanism

Compact cooling system for source assembly

Improved ESC-cooling retrofit kit

Process performance repeatability

Customer Demonstrations Available


Enhanced Throughput

It uses high power to shorten the duration of the deposition process, thereby enhancing throughput.


Enhanced Film Quality

Enhanced hardware prevents formation of whiskers or extrusions and able to maintain film properties as standard Al deposition chamber.


Process Optimization

Process can be optimized to meet specific customer requirements. The process of passing through three chambers can be effectively accomplished using a single chamber.


Cost Effective

Compared to OEM products, CoolKAT has the equivalent performance with better cost in terms of initial deployment and maintenance.

CoolKAT Chamber
Marathon Test Result
Temperature Profile Repeatability